Highspeed Video

Have you ever experienced this situation – things happen in your production plant and you do not know how or why the situation has occurred or why such and such a defect occurred in the product?

Us too!

You sit in front of a machine, stare into it and think you must be able to see what is happening. And then, you blink or have a moment of inattentiveness - and that is exactly when the fault occurred. Why? That is precisely what you overlooked at that moment.

Afterwards – you develop theories about what could have happened. Parts are changed and further tests are carried out. Sometimes you are lucky, but often this is not the case.

The fact is, however, that a lot of time is wasted.

We have put a stop to this. With our special high-speed video equipment we can make things visible. A process can be recorded e.g. with 550 pictures per second and these can be replayed as slowly as you want. Incredible things can be discovered with this.

In addition to this, the system can also be operated in a continuous loop of e.g. 5 minutes. If a fault only occurs every few days, then the recording can be automatically stopped because of an error message. You can then take a calm look at the 5 minutes before the occurrence of the fault in slow motion.

Have we awoken your interest? Then contact us. We offer you such recordings for process optimisation and troubleshooting as a service.