Easyway Automation works for a very wide variety of industries and companies. The range extends from local small companies to globally operating companies in mechanical engineering and the production sector.

Confidentiality is very important to our customers. Firstly, we are involved in the development of in-house know-how, and secondly, we very often have deep insight into product and production details. We fulfil this responsibility and attach great importance to trust. We therefore generally publish no details on projects or the names of our customers.

So that you can acquire an overview of what we are involved in, however, we have listed a small sample. You can download a project list with general descriptions as a PDF here:


  • Packaging plants for oral hygiene articles
  • Test equipment for parts in the automotive industry in the engine sector
  • Production plant for the powertrain of motor vehicles
  • Quality testing plant for hygiene articles
  • Control system for packaging
  • Retrofit of production plants in the cellulose industry
  • Safety modifications of existing production plants
  • Robot handling for fully automatic filling and part removal on centrifuges
  • Assembly machines for shock absorbers
  • Retrofit of production machines in the brush industry
  • Programming and setup of industrial image processing systems
  • ...